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Is Bum Marketing Still Valuable in 2012?

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Submitted 2012-01-28 08:48:33

Bum Marketing or costless ways to do internet marketing was dubbed that way by Travis Sago, or preferably, his spouse dubbed it that way. There is nothing fresh about Bum Marketing. Bum Marketing has been used since the beginning of on line marketing. The bum marketer has used plenty of promoting techniques to get his merchandise in front of eager visitors. Now that Google has updated it's search algorithm, naming it the infamous Panda update, is Bum marketing still as successful as it used to be?

The reply to that question is a definite yes. Not a great deal has changed since the beginning. The only people which were effected as a result of the new update have been those who have not presented value for their readers. We all know that content is king on-line, and those of us who are a little bit idle in providing our reader with original quality content, have been disciplined.

So what has this got to do with bum marketing? The bum marketer has just not been effected by this if he has been syndicating his content in a creative way. Value is what Google is after, and if the bum marketer sticks to those golden rules, then he will have no setback. In fact I believe that the update has left a good hole available in the market as people are abandoning their efforts to seek out a "better" system.

My answer on the other hand is incredibly straightforward. Let's take article marketing as an example. The tactic prior to now was to get as many articles published as achievable. Spin them with some cheap spinner, and blast them out to as many sites as possible. Without regard really for page rank, or class of the directories. I myself was guilty of doing it this way. Quantity was the name of the game and the more inbound links the better. This has changed a tiny bit nowadays and the strategy just isn't as straight forward as it used to be. Google has caught on to this, and have penalized the bad directories plus your inbound links are worthless.

What is the answer to the problem? In my opinion, and there are several of them out there, the bum marketer has to think of quality rather than quantity. If you are going to spin your article, and now for the massive clich?, apply your brain! As for the article directories, I was checking out E-zine articles page rank the other day, and it's not bad. What I'm attempting to say is select directories which are quality oriented. A inbound link from a top quality directory is likely to be worth more. Aim to branch out your syndication to only the very best. Using this method you will not only get quality back-links, but quality drip traffic as well.

Using this method you will not only get quality back-links, but quality drip traffic as well.

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