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How to Invest $1000 and Make One Million - The Secret to Smart Investing

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Submitted 2011-09-28 22:02:55

No matter how much you're starting with, when you invest you want the maximum returns possible. There are no sure fire investments, but there are sure fire investment strategies. If you follow this advice, you will know how to invest $1000 and make one million or two.

The number one investment strategy that I can never stress enough is focusing on the speed of return of investments. No matter how much you start with, if you continually get decent returns and are sure to reinvest as quickly as possible, before you know it your money will have grown at an exponential rate that is truly shocking.

The concept is simple. First you'll take your $1000 and focus on an investment that will return very quickly. I always set one week as the goal for my first investment. You can use this $1000 for something like buying wholesale goods and reselling them or buying $1000 worth of supplies to make products which you can then market. No matter what your investment, you need to be sure that it will not only offer profit but will do so in a timely manner.

Once you've gotten your first return, you'll need to turn that money right back around and reinvest it. You will keep repeating this process until you've reached your million dollar goal. As you see your profits increase it's a good idea to begin to diversify your investments so that if one investment fails to meet your expectations, you'll have others to fall back on.

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