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Arbitrage Betting: Play Both Sides And Win

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Submitted 2012-04-11 01:26:00

Have you ever dreamed about big returns from betting on sporting events but have worried about the debt it might cause if you make the wrong choices? Is there really a guaranteed way to make money by betting on sporting events? While some people might tell you that there is no such thing as a sure bet, you can make money on sporting events by using the Arbitrage system. This is a process where you bet on both opponents based on the odds given from several different sources, and no matter which team or opponent wins, you make money. Sometimes the payout is average, but if you learn how to play the odds with Arbitrage betting, you can score big.

Learning how to play the odds

Arbitrage betting can be a bit daunting at first because the wagers placed on the events are usually quite a bit bigger than they would be for a normal bet, but this is how the profit is made. The worse the odds are, the bigger the payoff, and this is also why learning how to play those odds is so crucial. Arbitrage betting involves placing wagers with different betting companies on the same event, and the better must keep in mind that not all companies will approve of the practice. Some may place restrictions on it, and others may ban it completely, depending on the rules and regulations of each company. The Internet has made this form of betting very popular, and since no face-to-face contact is required to make the bet, many Arbitrage betters will hire other people to make bets for them at one company while they make one at another to keep from having their names on the books more than once for the same event. It will take some time to learn how to work the odds in order to earn higher gains, and before you consider this type of betting, you should understand that there are still risks involved, even though there is no firm winner or loser.

The risks of arbitrage betting

Most of the risks of arbitrage betting lie with the bookmaker, or “bookie.” Most bookies who suspect that someone is engaging in will either cancel the bet placed with them, leaving the better to the mercy of a firm win or loss, or they can limit the maximum bet to an amount where there would be little or no profit to be made. Financial gain has been made with Arbitrage betting, but before you invest money in it, you should understand all of the risks.

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