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Opportunity Investor is an online article directory for both publishers and authors. Formed in August of 2005, We are striving to become a leader in the world of online publishing by providing syndication services to website owners, ezine publishers, and more.

In addition to our services for authors, webmasters can download articles for content providing all credit links remain intact and the article is not changed or modified.

The Difference
Would you rather clutter the web with redundant articles just to get a trickle of traffic? Or would you prefer to do one great article, that you know will get ranking, and get great targeted traffic.

That's what we specialize in. Dominating the best keywords related to making money, with well developed, nicely rounded articles of moderate length. (500 words minimum) You see, you can write 5000 articles and hope a few will rank enough to get you the desired revenue and sales, or you can take matters into your own hands.

LO/NO Advertising policy
Our metrics show that an article presented with little or no advertising blocks to distract the reader presents an increase of over 200% click through rate for the author. In other words, if your article is getting you 500 clicks to your website a month, with little or no advertising, that figure automatically increases to over 1500 clicks a month. Triple the traffic, triple the clicks and triple the income.

They are stealing your sales!
It is a proven fact, that the reader that is drawn away by your competitor (the one using pay per click advertising to list next to your article) is actually the potential reader that buys. You are providing the grunt work articles for the directory, they get a few cents for the click, but your top cream readers are drawn to your competitor because they spent time optimizing their little ads to get the highest click through rate! Can you see why Opportunity Investor will skyrocket your income?

Simply a better way
Upon opening your Author account, you will be given the tools and information required to make articles that rank. No more foreign outsourcing. No more bland, monotonous, rehashed articles, that even you yourself cringe at. Give one article your best information, showcase your insights and writing prose to the best of your ability, then spend the time you would hacking out new articles to get that one article ranked. Then move on to the next desired keyword and article. Nothing could be simpler.

Get Started Now
Imagine writing ONE good article for a nice busy set of keywords and having the power to point that article right to the top of search engine listings, if you are not in the top 1 to 4 listings above the fold, you are typically nowhere. What effort, what writing prose, what insights and information of value would you highlight, if you KNEW this article was going to top spot? You would be free to write well and get above the junk and noise that populates some of these keyword rankings. You would do a damn good job right? We make no guarantees and nothing is certain as results do vary dramatically, but this is simply a better way than writing 1000's of cookie cutter articles ad nauseum.

We provide you upon opening your Author account with the steps to take to make this possible. Writing a good article, submitting that article is not enough. You are missing the most important steps. You are doing half the job. Most article directories don't even allow you to do what we encourage and expect you to do. You risk losing your account with the bigger ones, but at Opportunity Investor, we expect it! Being in the "make money niche" we speak your language.

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